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Solvang’s sewer system is alarming


Solvang Citizens: Do not flush anything other than toilet paper! Keep wipes out of pipes! In a press release issued late Thursday night, Solvang Mayor Ryan Toussaint requested – in the form of a catchy hashtag – that residents and businesses #keepwipesoutofpipes.

“The toilet paper shortage in our area, as well as the increase in sanitation practices due to the COVID-19 public health emergency, has caused an influx of non-flushable items flowing to the Solvang Wastewater Treatment Plant,” said Toussaint. “The Solvang plant is already in a challenged state, so please: DO NOT FLUSH ANYTHING OTHER THAN TOILET PAPER down residential or commercial toilets connected to the City’s sewer system.”

Non-flushable items will clog sewers and cause back-ups and overflows at the Wastewater Treatment Plant that could create an additional public health risk amidst the current coronavirus pandemic. Additionally, lakes, rivers, and oceans will also see a significant negative environmental impact.

Items considered non-flushable include: napkins, paper towels, tissues, feminine products, dryer sheets, hair, diapers, and all types of wipes.