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Solvang is listed as one of the best Christmas town


Solvang has been named one of the most festive Christmas cities in the United States.

The financial news website 24/7 compiled a list of cities that attract thousands of visitors each year for the holidays.

Solvang ranked third on the list, following Analusia, Alabama and North Pole, Alaska. 

The new elected mayor and city council re-shaping entirely Solvang’s future tourism strategy and as a result of it Solvang started getting more attention from national media.

Solvang’s Julefest is currently underway. The month-long holiday celebration includes a parade, Santa’s Village, a tree-lighting ceremony, a Skal Wine & Stein Stroll, Christmas Market Light Show, and – new this year – Aurora Dronealis, a Christmas Drone Show.

Solvang Decorated for Julefest

Solvang is fast becoming the most “Christmassy” town in California. This year’s Julefest celebration was bigger and better than ever with Solvang colorfully draped in nostalgic Christmas lights, ornamented trees, seasonal music, markets and exciting new light shows.

The Solvang City Council committed to making Julefest the most memorable and the happiest time of the year for locals and for tourists,too .

IDK Events was contracted to freshen up the City’s lackluster events and to add exciting new events for Yuletide – daily street light shows, night-time Santa Lucia Parade, music in the Park, Jule-Feast, Christmas Markets and a drone show extravaganza called Aurora Dronealis.

Kicking off Week One of Julefest, The Community braved the threat of rain and gathered in record numbers at the Solvang Park to watch traditional musical shows and the lighting of a new 20-foot Blue Spruce. The stately Tree replaced a bizarre makeshift ‘lighted string-tree’ used by previous City Councils and which can now be found in front of the Veterans Hall. The new Tree is the result of a year-long collaboration of community business leaders with the top three donors being the Chumash Tribe, Visit SYV and Esko Esko.

The throngs of families and visitors next moved to Copenhagen street to watch the nightly Christmas Light Shows choreographed to music. Each show consisted of three songs and played 4 times each night at 30-minute intervals beginning at 6:30 pm. Enterprising businesses remained open, adding a Christmas market ambiance.

Week Two was highlighted by new events, namely: Jule-Feast, Santa Lucia Parade, Skal Wine and Stein Stroll, and music in the Solvang Park. The 4-course Jule-Feast was held in Solvang Park beside the colorful new Christmas tree and was a collaboration of Root 246, First & Oak, and Ramen Katori restaurants all showcasing their seasonal, savory offerings. The Santa Lucia night parade was another new event featuring colorfully lit Cindy Cinderella Carriages and added significantly to the holiday cheer and ambiance of Christmas. The carriage rides and music in the park will continue through the remainder of the month.

Aurora Dronealis highlighted Week Three with a 12-minute light show extravaganza with 100 choreographed drones mapping out colorful Christmas themes set to seasonal music. More than 1,500 people attended the show with another 1,000 people forced to watch the grand spectacle from outside Lot 72 as there was not enough room to accommodate everyone.

Week Four is Christmas week and winds down the month of festivities, culminating in the annual Christmas tree burning at the Mission on January 3rd. With many of Solvang’s hotels sold out, more than 5,000 visitors are expected to stop in Solvang and enjoy the City’s popular restaurants, wine tasting rooms and retail stores.

The Solvang Council plans to make Julefest the City’s premier annual Danish festival.

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