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Solvang celebrated the 4th of July in Shadow of COVID-19 restrictions!


By Solvang Journal Staff Report

On a traditional 4th of July Commemorates, thousands of tourists usually would come to visit and witness how Solvang celebrates the glorious holiday. Before, Solvang was celebrating with a big grand parade and bright fireworks, which would attract people from all around central California.

However this year, the typical way of celebrating had to be modified to fit the new normal due to the ongoing pandemic. Despite the health crisis, many locals still enjoyed celebrating independence day by holding a parade lead by veterans marched with classic vehicles and horses with keeping social distancing policy.


In response to the cancellation of Solvang’s official annual fireworks show and Fourth of July Parade due to  COVID-19 pandemic, some  locals and veterans paraded with their horses and vehicles around the Solvang to celebrate Independence Day

Due to COVID-19 Pandemic, all celebrations and related events are canceled and this was a big disappointment for locals and for the local businesses.
Esko Esko put back flags but the Fredricks Court frontage is still without US flags even during the 4th of July!
The town was filled with day-trippers and they enjoyed having their meals and drinks while sitting outside the Copenhagen drive placed tables on a sunny clear hot day.

The city placed several warning signs about masks and social distancing…  

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2020 Solvang’s 4th of July Celebrations

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