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Reopen SYV!


Op:Ed: By Harlan Munneke  

As a very concerned local Solvang merchant (The Mole Hole), we strongly feel the need for everyone to be able to reopen business now.

We learned today about this local event happening this Friday, May 1st at the Solvang Park from Noon to 2:00 pm.  We are told to arrive early at 11:30 am to find parking.  I and my wife will be there, and we are inviting others.  This is a peaceful rally to communicate our need to reopen – no political agenda!  Come as long as you can-it is appreciated.

Please read the entire below message which gives critical information about this event.  Please come and join us for support of ALL local businesses – WE NEED EVERYONE.

We are all in this together and need each other’s presence and support.

Please let us know your ideas, and thoughts about reopening businesses in our valley.

Please share this information with anyone we inadvertently left out.

This is a non-partisan group of concerned citizens who strongly desire to get life back on track, reopening the Santa Ynez Valley (Solvang, Buellton, Santa Ynez, Ballard, Los Olivos) businesses and public spaces. 

Time: 12pm – 2pm. Arrive at 11:30am to find parking.

•We need to have a variety of verbiage on the signs (politically neutral)
•Size matters
•Must be able to read your sign from across the street

Sign Materials:
Please have your signs ready the night prior
•Poster board, COLOR helps stand out
•Foam board
•Use LARGE Black markers

Wording Examples:
I have the right to work
We Are All Essential
FREEDOM is Essential
ReOpen Now
The shutdown is killing small business
Practice Media Distancing

“Open our state now”
“Back to work”
“Back to school”

Our goal is to get our message out in a positive and safe manner.
We want to be taken seriously. We will be judged by our attitudes, sign presentation, and dress.
We will be wearing RED, WHITE & BLUE colored apparel at the march. That way we know each
other and stand united. Please no political candidate apparel or flags.
Please be prepared for people who may not be in agreement with us. Everyone is entitled to their opinions and so are we. Please remember that our response needs to be positive confrontational.
The world will be watching and in order to be taken seriously and respected,we must be respectful.
We DO NOT CONDONE the use of force or violence by anyone IN WORDS OR ACTIONS. Anyone committing violent acts is disavowed by WE THE PEOPLE and the Reopen SYV! movement. They are plants and/or are acting independently and should be treated as such and not affiliated with this movement. If you see someone acting violently, immediately remove yourself and group/s away from them. Isolate them away from others and find law enforcement.

All people are required to maintain CDC guidelines for prevention. Following best practice.
•Social distancing from non-family members means you need to stand 6’ apart, two arms lengths away from each other.
•We are leaving wearing masks or cloth face coverings up to your discretion.
•If you are sick or high risk please stay at home and quarantine.

We must be prepared for what will be said to the media so our message is clearly communicated. Words can be taken out of context and become damaging. We understand sometimes it’s hard to find the words so we will be helping by giving you highlights and answers to general questions to help you with people who ask what this movement is all about. Here is a sample statement:
•We are demanding that Newsom and the city of Solvang FULLY REOPEN NOW.
•We demand our rights are recognized and preserved.
•We have the right to work and we can do so while exercising preventative safety