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Letters From Readers: Change is Possible with Bruce Porter


As citizens, it’s impossible for each to personally know political candidates on a deeper level. Not a lot of people can honestly speak to their character and integrity, and that makes it really hard to discern fact from fiction when trying to evaluate a candidate. However, one must not let that interfere with critical decision-making skills.

This upcoming election for the 3rd District Supervisor, all the candidates vying for a position are competent in their own ways. Each challenger has an impressive line of credentials. But in a constantly changing surroundings, a leader who truly keeps up with the pace is much needed—someone who can protect and stand up not only for themselves but also for the citizens and the environment.

Among all the candidates, a man that goes by the name of Bruce Porter captured my attention. In addition to his twenty-five years of protecting the country by joining the Army, Bruce Porter taught college mathematics and computer science, coordinated successful campaigns to safeguard endangered species, innovated new ways to reduce energy consumption at military installations, and planned and executed effective responses to oil well fires in the deserts of Kuwait and Iraq during Operation Desert Storm.

Upon going over his accomplishments and services rendered to people, he is definitely a man who makes sure that his actions speak louder than words. His devotion to strengthening communities is apparent by the multitude of organizations he has been involved with and boards that he has served on. His service includes the local Red Cross chapter; Santa Ynez Union High School Board of Education; Solvang Rotary Club; Buellton Chamber of Commerce; local district of the Boy Scouts of America; and former vice commander of the local post of the American Legion.

Most politicians cannot take criticisms and often take away the people’s right to speak up but Bruce Porter is different. When he announced his intention to run again last September 2019, he told the crowd, “Right now, your voice is not being heard in front of the County Board of Supervisors. That’s why I’m running for 3rd District supervisor—to give you a voice in the ways of our county.”

He further explained that through the people, he is determined to really restore the level of confidence that the community has in their own county government.

We need a leader whose goals would be to restore common sense and local governance, by focusing on creating an economically sustainable and resident-responsive government. Just like Bruce Porter said, we should not be scrambling to fix our own failures by papering them over with additional taxes and unbinding resolutions.

I have learned a lot about the scary things that greed for power and wealth can do through the current administration who barely cares about its people. There is an extreme dissatisfaction with some of the current Supervisor’s decisions, specifically on cannabis regulations and the agreement with the Santa Ynez Band of Chumash Indians for the development of the Camp 4 property. It is time for a definite change and that time is now. The truth is objective, whether you believe it or not is irrelevant. It exists outside of political parties and agendas.

So I seek your cooperation. For nothing can be done by a leader alone. A leader is one who has a vision and has the ability to share it and achieve it. We can still turn things around and make things right once and for all. We can make sure people like Joan Hartmann aren’t put into positions to run the district anymore. The election is coming up soon enough. If you don’t like how the last few years have been, do something responsible to make sure the next years aren’t the same.

Christine H. Solvang Resident