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Hundreds of people watched Solvang’s weird but beautiful Christmas Tree Burning Ceremony.


Hundreds of people watched Solvang’s weird but beautiful  Christmas Tree Burning Ceremony.

Hundreds of local and visitors  gathered to watch Solvang’s  weird but beautiful Christmas trees burn ceremony . The firefighters set fire to a massive pile of Christmas trees Friday night in Solvang.

Flames shot high into the sky at the Santa Ines Mission firefighters set the pile of nearly 1000 trees trees ablaze to mark the end of Solvang’s 30th monthlong Julefest celebration.

Fire officials also use the opportunity to share Christmas tree safety tips before providing the large-scale demonstration of just how flammable they can be.

This traditional Solvang  giant Christmas tree fire serves also as the final event in Solvang’s a month-long Christmas  celebration, gives the local fire department an opportunity to educate the public about just how flammable Christmas trees d provides a venue for socializing and promoting Solvang’s tourism.