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Free dog food for unemployed people’s dogs


If you are out of income and have a dog then here is free food for your dog at the Solvang Visitors Center every Wednesday and Sunday afternoons.

By Solvang Journal Staff

Thanks to Santa Barbara County for providing free pets food for those who can’t afford to buy it anymore due to unemployment or lost income. For those can’t afford to buy food for their dogs please do first Call them, make an appointment, then go to one of the County-operated shelters to pick up your FREE food for your lovely pet at the Santa Barbara County Lompoc Animal Shelter: 1501 W Central Ave, Lompoc, CA 93436 phone: 805-737-7755

But if you can’t get to the shelter in Lompoc, there is another option available in the heart of Solvang.

Free dog food will be given away at the Solvang Visitor Center:
Every  Wednesday and Sunday, FREE dog food will be given away at the Solvang Visitor Center: 637-1639 Copenhagen Dr, Solvang, CA 93463. No appointment needed, just walk in between 12-4 pm on Wednesdays or Sundays.

Solvang resident Hazel Mortensen organized free dog food campaign for those who need it.

Free dog food for unemployeds dogs campaign is organized by 85-year old Solvang resident and known animal rights activist, Mrs. Hazel Mortenson. If you own a dog and are unemployed, this is an amazing option for free food for your dog.

Mrs. Mortensen, in her letter said:” Before moving to Solvang, I volunteered at Orange County’s Animal Shelter for more than 20 years and I am haunted by their animal abuse.

Due to overpopulation, I witnessed 45,000 CATS, DOGS, etc. PER YEAR was being stuffed into a decompression chamber TO KILL THEM.  I was equally horrified that due to the malfunctioning seals, some animals came out alive. After finding out about the chamber I went home and cried, and my late husband – also an animal lover – suggested I find more uplifting volunteer work. Bless him for being protective of me, but I thought he knew me better. I was not about to walk away from an animal “concentration camp”; instead I was determined to get rid of the chambers. My husband reminded me that I was not politically involved and I did not know the “right people”. The press in O.C. was great, so I started with letters to the editor.  I quickly got a following and was on the radio, etc. I visited the board of supervisors shortly before an election and let them know that they either needed to vote to outlaw the chamber and introduce the Sodium Penta Sorbitol injection method that was used in LA shelters or the wonderful volunteers and I would help those running against them. By now we were a large group.  It took about a year but those volunteers and I got rid of the chambers in California. We even had to fight the powerful Veterinary Association plus a large Humane Society that supported the chamber — until we did some digging and found that they were a major stockholder in the company who made the chamber, and we went to the press to expose them.  Those volunteers and I then formed a humane society. None of us were ever paid: all funds were raised to pay for spaying and neutering; we had to stop the surplus.   

This virus has made us all equal in a way, as did WWII in England, where I was born.  It didn’t matter if one was rich or poor, the German bombs did not discriminate. However, in those days I had to carry around a smelly black rubber gas mask.

I know for a fact, that out of work people sometimes have no choice but to turn their dog into a shelter, WHERE the children who are already stressed leave the dog, they will never see again. With your help, I believe this can be reversed, and we can prevent such unhappiness for the dog, and the child will keep the loving creature who cuddles up to them when they are alone and sad.”
Our county is offering free dog food pickups from the Santa Barbara, Lompoc, and Santa Maria animal shelters. However, going back and forth to Santa Barbara or Lompoc or Santa Maria can be very costly. So as an animal and dog-lover I felt obligated to do something about it. I decided to organize this free dog food campaign for Solvang seniors or those who can’t afford to buy dog food anymore and can’t make it to those locations. Thanks to the Santa Ynez Feed Store, they’re offering 20% off of any bag of dog food when you mention it’s for “Hazel’s Campaign”. I or a lovely lady Maiden who owns the Pendleton Store and Esko Esko Store staff will pick food up weekly and bring it to the Solvang Visitor Center. Those who can donate food please visit or call Santa Ynez Feed & Milling store located at 3532 Sagunto Street in Santa Ynez, CA 93460, Phone 805.688.6404. Be sure to make your donations for “Hazel’s Campaign”.

Dog lovers donated a truckload of dog food by ordering from Santa Ynez Feed & Milling store. Store owner Quinn S. Spaulding delivered by himself the donations to the Solvang Visitors Center.

Every Wednesday and Sunday afternoons at the Solvang Visitors Center

Thanks to our young Mayor of Solvang, Ryan Toussaint, who owns two shelter dogs and has offered the use of the Solvang Visitors Bureau at 1637-1639 Copenhagen Dr, Solvang, CA 93463, The dog food will be distributed, for those who are out of work or seniors in need.”