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“Foreign threat” Cinderella Carriages vs Solvang’s Old Guards


Editorial Opinion

When  Solvang City signed a temporary contract with Cindy Cinderella Carriages to provide carriages for the Julefest Santa Lucia Parade and for the general public through the end of December, past City Council member and presently Santa Maria resident Hans Duus and his supporters were quick to attack the City on Facebook as they saw the Cinderella Carriages as a “foreign threat” to the decades old, dilapidated Trolley. Unlike other Solvang businesses, the Trolley is a City sanctioned monopoly and pays nothing to the City for the right to use its streets and store its trolleys on City property. It is a very special and unique  business that has no competition , no rent and top of it with all cash revenue.

Solvang Horse Troiley.

The colorful LED lighted, horse drawn carriages have been extremely popular with community locals and visitors of all ages. The Cinderella Carriages were the focal point of the Santa Lucia Parade and were featured on the CBS Morning News Show and local CBS and KEYT TV stations helped to promote Solvang.

Locals and visitors were ecstatic about the carriages and kept them operating late into the night. A visiting couple celebrating their third anniversary enthusiastically requested the City bring back the carriages every year. These sentiments have been echoed on Facebook’s SYV Chat Room and other social media platforms.

The Cinderella Carriages give riders the choice between an intimate nostalgic ride and the older bus-like Trollies. New elected mayor and council members were saddened to hear the complaints made by what some noisy vocals disparagingly call the old guard who simply reject change of any kind, and they added their  support for the beautifully lit carriages.

The Cinderella Carriages will continue to operate from through Sunday Dec. 29, and tickets can be purchase in the Solvang Park where the rides begin and end. We hope to see them all year around in Solvang.  Because they are so beautiful ,elegant and romantic.