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Coronavirus hits Santa Ynez Valley,too.


By Solvang Journal Staff

The Santa Ynez Valley now has 2 confirmed coronavirus cases; The latest stats for Santa Barbara County had another 15 cases since yesterday and that brings up to total 47 confirmed cases:

Santa Barbara city: 20, Santa Maria:10, Orcutt: 5, South County: 5,

Santa Ynez Valley: 2, and Lompoc: 1 case

Of those 47 total Santa Barbara cases , 31 are recovering at home, 5 are hospitalized and 2 is in the ICU in critical condition; 11 are considered to be fully recovered.

Both of the cases in Santa Ynez Valley are in their 60s According to the Santa Barbara County Public Health Department, residents must continue to follow health orders (such as washing your hands, avoiding touching your eyes/nose/mouth with unwashed hands, and disinfecting surfaces) and practice social distancing when performing essential tasks outside the home. Experts say “separate or isolate the seniors from toddlers and seniors must remain at the home.

Santa Barbara has the highest recovery rate among other Counties.

Comprehensive Coronavirus report.

USA: World’s The Epicenter

The United States has surpassed Italy and China in having the most confirmed coronavirus cases, according to a global case tracker run by Johns Hopkins University: more than 85,900, as of early Friday morning. Italy tops the list of countries with the most coronavirus deaths, reporting more than 8,200, versus more than 1,200 in the U.S. Regardless of whether you think China has suppressed its numbers or not, the U.S. figures show disturbing growth.

Coronavirus is mostly targeting seniors; toddlers are not the most vulnerable.

Experts are still learning about COVID-19, however, so far it appears that there are far fewer cases reported in children, and those who are affected seem to have a milder response than adults and older people. Experts say “separate or isolate the seniors from toddlers and seniors must remain at the home.

Sources: World Health Organization, California State and Santa Barbara County Public Health Departments