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Curfew for Solvang seniors?


By Carolyn Wooddall

Many people believe and think that there is a curfew in Solvang for seniors.

Because of California Governor Gavin Newsom’s announcement. The Governor told that Californians who are 65 and older isolate themselves from others as the number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the state continues to rise.

However this was not a mandate, but rather a strong suggestion to help protect the state’s most vulnerable, including people with underlying health issues.

Currently Solvang downtown looks like a “Ghost Town” but still some shops and restaurants and wine tasting rooms are still operating while practicing social distancing policies, such as operating at half-capacity and offering take-out options and serving from side curbs.

Solvang City officials have stated that there is no curfew nor restrictions on its 65 and older and at-risk residents, but they do suggest that strict social distancing measures be practiced. This includes staying at least six feet away from other people, staying at home and not entertaining visitors.

Also, Buelton Seniors Center – with the help of many Solvang volunteers – are aiding Solvang seniors by buying groceries and delivering to them with distance.