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The aliens are in Solvang!


A very special report by Solvang Journal Staff

Solvang receives more than 2 million visitors annually from all over the world. The City is well known for its family-friendly events, dog-friendly hotels and restaurants, and female-friendly streets. Apparently, Solvang is also now an Alien friendly town.

A visitor dressed in Star Wars costume was seen and pictured in front of visitors center by Solvang Mayor Ryan Toussaint. An Alien was patrolling Solvang streets late this week, leaving many to wonder if there a Star Wars Convention in town or if it was Alien Fleet Week. No one has come forward to explain the Alien appearance.

Perhaps the Aliens came for Restaurant Week to sample the Santa Ynez Valley’s many delectable dining experiences. Art Sevtap of Sevtap Winery glibly said he hoped he doesn’t run out of Danish Style hot spicy wine called Glogg. Bill Rodgers of Solvang Brew Co. was excited about the opportunity to launch a new line of beer called Alien Ale. Esko Esko store owner Esko Kenny Lama regrets for  not having any Solvang named drone ornaments. Cafe Dolce owner Sammy added a new drink to his menu called ” shurb limakhluqat alfada” a Lebanese Syrup for aliens.

Solvang Journal asked City Officials if the Aliens would need to have landing permits for their Imperial fleet of Corellian Battlecruisers and Tye fighters. City Manager Xenia Bradford said needs to confirm with City Attorney Chip Wullbrandt.

Council Member Chris Djernaes worried there wouldn’t be enough parking for all the fighters. Mr. Djernaes lamented, “This is why Solvang needs to plan for a new Conference Center, hotels, restaurants, parking garages and a Space Port.” Thinking of the future, he said, “I hope IDK can secure the rights to the future intergalactic championships: Vikings vs. Aliens.”

Former City Mayor Jim Richardson, he insists that parking should be free but not for aliens.

A local businessman and former council member Ed Skytt , said his lot is still available and city should buy it make it a special parking lot for aliens.

Mark Enfanti, Solvang BAR member says the cost of keep BAR is almost free if the city hires some aliens instead of city staff.

Renaissance Antiques & Furniture owners Julie Palladino and her husband said “Maybe it could be another a new good event so the aliens would come with their drones to move our unmoving inventory”.

Ben Olsen owner of Olsen Bakery said: It would be very good if aliens would come with their drones to celebrate Christmas in Solvang and to taste his delicious pastries.

Scott Schumake, CEO of IDK, last Jule Festival  organizer , simply shook his head saying, “This City Council just keeps demanding more for Julefest 2020. I don’t know how I’m going to incorporate thousands of Imperial drones into the new Aurora Dronealis. They better not mistake the Copenhagen Street Light Show for a landing strip.”

Whatever happens, it’s sure to be a fun family event for the Community and Visitors alike.

This funny and imaginary article is written for our Sunday readers 🙂

Happy Sunday folks…