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A Message From Buellton Medical Center


On behalf of myself, Dr. Joshi, Sherrie Gibbs, NP, and he rest of the staff at Buellton Medical Center, I am reaching out to the community during these somewhat difficult times. We are here to help you and I am presently reaching out to coordinate with other medical facilities. We take the COVID-19 outbreak very seriously and ask that you do too. Our plan is to continue to stay open for the health of the community, but we ask you to help us. It is important for you to remember that we are not an urgent care as we do not have all the necessary equipment, per the State of California requirements. However, we do try to accommodate walk-ins. We are here for you for many things. We will continue to see our work comp patients along with many medical issues which include those with Hypertension, Diabetes, Mental Health Issues, minor orthopedic problems (sprains, strains and we can order xrays), UTI, Women’s health issues and necessary physicals such as pre-operative and sports. We can also assist with minor injuries such as wound care, abscess, splinters, etc. . Eye infections, rashes and health issues
can be handled here.

What we do ask of people is to follow the guidelines established by public health and the State of California.The order went into effect on Thursday, March 19, 2020. Stay at home except for essential needs. If you have fever, cough, shortness of breath, been in contact with someone with Covid-19
and/or have traveled outside the US recently, as a privately owned center, at this time, we are not equipped with the necessary protection and testing recommended by the CDC. At this time please contact Public health or the ER. We want to remain open for all of the non-Covid-19 like issues.

We are continuing to provide refills of medication for our patients and those of Dr. Van Valin who passed away in January.. Please note that we will renew most medications for up to three months, if you are a registered patient with us and have been seen at least once within the last year. Please call your pharmacy for necessary refills if you fit in this category and please allow us a few days to get them approved. If you have any questions you may contact us at Or call 805-686-8555. For those who don’t know, we are located at 195 W. Hwy 246 in Buellton.

Please follow these guidelines so we can continue to stay open for the community and to also keep our staff safe.

I will be sending continual updates and thank the Chambers of this fantastic Valley for helping me get the word out. Together, but at least 6 feet apart, we will get through this. Myra Howard, NP COO Buellton Medical Center.